Tori Amos: Abnormally Attracted To Sin

During the Australian leg of her 2009 Sinful Attraction Tour, I sat down with Tori Amos to discuss some important issues very dear to her heart


Hotel K: Behind Bars

Journalist Kathryn Bonella’s book takes us behind the bars of this notorious prison which housed the Bali Nine and the Bali Bombers – a place Bonella quite simply calls ‘a hell hole’

Kylie Minogue: All Loved Up

“I think gay marriage should be allowed! It’s like what’s represented in the All The Lovers video. If it’s love, it’s love. And that’s it. That’s all that matters.”

Soothing Spencer

I’ve just finished my morning coffee here in Sydney but it’s still last night in New York, where I’m calling artist and photographer Spencer Tunick. I hear a few rings, then a clunk, followed by a tiny voice

Tori Amos: Living Doll

None of us live in a vacuum, least of all Tori Amos, who is often driven to her piano to thrash out the issues of the world around her. “That we’re living in ‘troubled times’ is no secret,” says Amos